Wer schon vor Freitag zum Aufbauen und Vorbereiten kommen will, ist dazu herzlich eingeladen. Wir freuen uns auch über alle, die nach dem Festival zum Abbauen und Aufräumen bleiben.

Außerdem suchen wir noch Leute, die Lust haben Dienste (Bar, Einlass, Technik etc.) zu übernehmen.


Wir brauchen noch alles mögliche an Material, um den Wagenplatz festivaltauglich zu machen. Ob Dixieklos, Beamer oder Stromkabel – meldet euch, wenn ihr was beisteuern könnt!


keimzelle_ungnade [AT] riseup [DOT] net


Helping and taking part

Anybody who wants to come before Friday to help prepare and lend a hand, is very welcome. We would also be very pleased with those of you who choose to stay on afterwards to help clear and pack up.

Material help

If you know anyone who rents dixie toilets for free or for little money, if you have big kitchen pots, a projector, a spot light, a generator or some hundred meters of high-power cable or of water tubes or what you think could be necessary available, please write us! We need every kind of material that helps us to build up a beautiful and comfortable festival site.

The same for technical assistance: it doesn’t matter if you are a good worker, a decorator or a carpenter, or if you are just able to look smart while you watch other people working: The festival needs you, and your head and hands!


keimzelle_ungnade [AT] riseup [DOT] net